About Secret Marketing Weapons

Secret Marketing Weapons are the special methods, strategies and tactics that Maurice W. Evans has been using to grow businesses since 1992.

The Marketing Minute is a Daily Video Newsletter that he sends out to help entrepreneurs with their marketing.  The newsletter is free to subscribe to and offers regular giveaways and sweepstakes.



About Guerrilla Marketing

Guerrilla marketing is not about how much money you can spend. Instead, it is about using time, energy and imagination to accomplish your goals. Guerrilla Marketing is unconventional strategies, secrets, and tactics for earning conventional goals — big profits from your small business. The #1 Marketer in history is  Jay Conrad Levinson, The Father of Guerrilla Marketing.

The Secret Marketing Weapons Website was started by Maurice W. Evans in 2010. Since that time Maurice has officially become certified and a part of the Guerrilla Marketing brand and team. This site is now a resource for businesses who wish to discover the secrets weapons he has used to help 1000s of businesses unlock hidden profits.


About Maurice W. Evans


Maurice W. Evans, aka ‘Mr. iGROWyourBiz’, is a Business and Abundant Life Coach and motivational speaker. He is a Licensed Pastor, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer and Certified John Maxwell Coach, Speaker and Trainer.

Maurice is an author, dynamic conference speaker and viral marketing Expert. He is the original creator of the social network NetworkingCity.com. His firm offers a money back guarantee and focuses on helping businesses grow their brand using proven methods and technologies.  His ministry focuses on helping people discover their purpose, live life abundantly and experience their destiny.

Since 1992 Maurice has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs and professionals succeed in business and life. Maurice found the vast majority of business consultants and coaches spoke theory, with no real-world experience of what works and what doesn’t (as he had) to back it up. A pastor and serial entrepreneur himself, Maurice teaches from personal experience and not simply theory.

He is most well-known for his gift of being able to explain principles to listeners in a clear, plain language style making it easy for them to grasp complex concepts and implement them immediately. Maurice also often speaks to youth encouraging them to strive for excellence and success.

Maurice Evans is A Certified Guerrilla Marketing Trainer with the proven ability to take a business from concept to profit using the proven methodologies of Guerrilla Marketing.

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